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Influencing Policy on Climate Change

Influencing Policy on Climate Change: an interdisciplinary workshop for early-career researchers. 1st Oct 2013, Cumberland Lodge, Windsor

How does academic research influence policy? What are the obstructions which prevent research from driving policy? How can academics most effectively engage with each other, and with policymakers? Climate change researchers need to know the answers to these questions to maximise the chance that their research has policy impact.

In the run up to the next general election in 2015, the policy landscape is ripe for evidence-based political engagement on important matters like climate change. But with competing claims on policy-makers’ time, and competing claims within academia, how best to get your research heard and have impact? What do policy cycles look like and how can academic research fit into these effectively? And how can researchers between disciplines work more collaboratively and efficiently to this end?

This is a one-day workshop and networking event for postgraduates and early career researchers from any discipline working on climate change issues. The event has a twofold objective; for ECRs to:

•Develop strategies for talking productively about climate change between disciplines (interdisciplinary exchange)

•Learn more about talking to policy makers and influencing policy decisions (policy influence)

Each participant will be expected to give a 1-slide, 2-minute presentation on their research that is accessible to researchers in other disciplines and policy-makers. Participants will hear from key speakers about how to maximise policy impact in government and NGOs, and how to work work more productively together.

Climate change research is too important to be obstructed by disciplinary barriers or poor communication. This workshop offers the space to reflect on how to overcome these problems. For full details including booking please see the website.