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CFP: Postgraduate Snapshots: Engagements in Social and Cultural Geography

CFP: Postgraduate Snapshots: Engagements in Social and Cultural Geography
RGS-IBG Annual International Conference 2014.

Session convenors: Emma Spence (Cardiff University) and Richard Scriven (University College Cork, Ireland)

Sponsored by the Social and Cultural Geography Research Group and the Postgraduate Forum

The aim of this session is to explore the different ways in which postgraduates are (co)producing social and cultural geographies through their research, collaborations, methods, and encounters. Postgraduate research is frequently at the forefront of changes and challenges in the discipline, with large research projects, funding agendas, and national and institutional policies fundamentally shaping the work undertaken by postgraduates, but this is largely unrecognized or lacks serious reflection and discussion. This session allows for considerations and explorations of how ‘co-production’ is manifest in this arena by engaging with the diversity of postgraduate research. 

We are seeking postgraduates to present a ‘
snapshot’ of their research and co-productions. In line with the title of the session, we seek contributions that focus on one element, such as new fields of inquiry, theoretical emphasis, emerging methods, collaborations, and innovations. We ask applicants to provide a snapshot (whether a photograph, a quotation, a field diary entry, an image of an object, or mini-video clip, for example) complete with an abstract (of max 150 words) that explains how the snapshot showcases both contemporary social and cultural geography research and elements of co-production.

It is envisaged that the ‘
snapshot’ will be the main artifact around which each contribution is orientated. In order to facilitate discussion, we encourage participants to consider presenting in innovative and engaging ways by fully utilizing their snapshots.

Please email prospective contributions to both session organisers Emma Spence (
spenceee@cardiff.ac.uk) and Richard Scriven (r.scriven@umail.ucc.ie). The deadline for submissions is Friday 14th February 2014. Please include:  

  • A title for your ‘Snapshot
  • The Snapshot
  • An abstract (max 150 words)
  • A short description of how your presentation will use your Snapshot (max 100 words)
  • Your name, affiliation and contact details (email address)

Social and Cultural Geography Postgrads

If you are a postgraduate student interested in social or cultural geographies then the Social and Cultural Geography Research Group (SCGRG) is for you.

The SCGRG is one of the largest and most active societies of the Royal Geographical Society (with IBG). The group embraces a wide range of research and activities concerned with the way the world works to produce social and cultural difference, engaging with key social science debates concerning identity, subjectivity, citizenship and belonging and many other issues such as materiality, power, mobility, emotion and creativity.

Emma Spence and Richard Scriven are the new postgraduate representatives on the SCGRG Committee. They ensure that a postgraduate voice is added to the workings of the group, as well as communicating with postgraduates and coordinating events.

Emma is a PhD student in the School of Geography and Planning at Cardiff University. She studies the social and cultural geographies of the sea exploring the lifeworlds of crew on board ships and ashore. Conceptually she is interested in assemblage theory, the mobilities field, and maritime geographies.

Richard is a PhD candidate in the Department of Geography at University College Cork, Ireland. His research explores pilgrimage practices in contemporary Ireland as embodied mobilities, performative events and spiritual encounters. The study is informed by the geographies of mobilities, non-representational geographies and research on self and landscape.

If you are a geography student interested in social and cultural geographies then why not sign up to the SCGRG mailing list. Check out our website (www.scgrg.org) for details of upcoming events and publications, and follow us on Twitter (@SCGRG_RGS) and Facebook (on.fb.me/18pHPXa).

Please feel free to contact either Richard (102087081@umail.ucc.ie) or Emma (spenceee@cardiff.ac.uk) if you wish to know more about the SCGRG, our activities, or if you wish to collaborate on upcoming events, workshops, or conferences.