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CFP: Postgraduate Snapshots: Engagements in Social and Cultural Geography

CFP: Postgraduate Snapshots: Engagements in Social and Cultural Geography
RGS-IBG Annual International Conference 2014.

Session convenors: Emma Spence (Cardiff University) and Richard Scriven (University College Cork, Ireland)

Sponsored by the Social and Cultural Geography Research Group and the Postgraduate Forum

The aim of this session is to explore the different ways in which postgraduates are (co)producing social and cultural geographies through their research, collaborations, methods, and encounters. Postgraduate research is frequently at the forefront of changes and challenges in the discipline, with large research projects, funding agendas, and national and institutional policies fundamentally shaping the work undertaken by postgraduates, but this is largely unrecognized or lacks serious reflection and discussion. This session allows for considerations and explorations of how ‘co-production’ is manifest in this arena by engaging with the diversity of postgraduate research. 

We are seeking postgraduates to present a ‘
snapshot’ of their research and co-productions. In line with the title of the session, we seek contributions that focus on one element, such as new fields of inquiry, theoretical emphasis, emerging methods, collaborations, and innovations. We ask applicants to provide a snapshot (whether a photograph, a quotation, a field diary entry, an image of an object, or mini-video clip, for example) complete with an abstract (of max 150 words) that explains how the snapshot showcases both contemporary social and cultural geography research and elements of co-production.

It is envisaged that the ‘
snapshot’ will be the main artifact around which each contribution is orientated. In order to facilitate discussion, we encourage participants to consider presenting in innovative and engaging ways by fully utilizing their snapshots.

Please email prospective contributions to both session organisers Emma Spence (
spenceee@cardiff.ac.uk) and Richard Scriven (r.scriven@umail.ucc.ie). The deadline for submissions is Friday 14th February 2014. Please include:  

  • A title for your ‘Snapshot
  • The Snapshot
  • An abstract (max 150 words)
  • A short description of how your presentation will use your Snapshot (max 100 words)
  • Your name, affiliation and contact details (email address)

Co-production and Postgraduate Research: Call for Posters


The Postgraduate Forum invites poster contributions from postgraduate and early-career researchers interested in presenting any aspect of their research in progress in a visual and interactive way. This session provides a friendly and supportive space to present and explore the innovative and exciting geographical research being done by postgraduates and early career researchers. It also provides participants with a rapid and intensive update and overview of emerging postgraduate geographical research. A specific session within the Conference will be provided for participants to explain and discuss their poster.

Posters may be individually or co-authored, but at least one poster author is expected to attend the conference on the day that their poster is exhibited (a session will be allocated in the conference timetable for this purpose), in order to explain their poster to, and discuss their research with, other delegates.

The conference is able to accept posters up to the following sizes: size A1 in portrait or landscape format, or size A0 in portrait format only.  Contributors are advised to consider the design of their posters carefully — prepare the best material (visually appealing and succinct) that effectively communicates your research problem, techniques, results, and what is novel and important about your work.  Further guidance will be provided to authors of accepted posters.

To propose a poster for this session, please send the following information to the session organiser Richard Scriven (r.scriven@umail.ucc.ie) before Friday 14th February 2014:
  • A title for your poster
  • An abstract for your poster’s research (max 150 words)
  • A short description of how you will make your poster visually interesting, and who the target audience is (max 100 words)
  • Your name, affiliation and contact details (email address)

Co-production and Postgraduate Research: RGS-IBG Conference CFP

Presentation and Discussion Session
Sponsored by the Postgraduate Forum

This year, in responding to the conference theme of Co-Production, session participants are welcomed from postgraduate and early career researchers who wish to explore, speculate and discuss aspects of co-production as it relates to their research and research experiences. Elements of co-production are a central component of postgraduate research, including student-supervisor relationships, originality, innovative methodologies, collaborations, partnerships, social-media roles, online presences and multi/inter-disciplinarity. We are eager to create participatory sessions where postgraduates and early career researchers can contribute to larger discussions while showcasing aspects of their research.

We particularly welcome contributions that address the following themes:

  • Theoretical and methodological opportunities and challenges
  • Collaborations outside of the academy
  • Working closely with or being funded by institutions or commercial organisations
  • Researching with people: participants, subjects or partners?
  • Integrity, respect and ethics in the research process
  • Working with supervisors and working as part of a larger research project
  • Co-authoring with fellow postgraduates or with academics
  • Reflections on the writing-up process
  • Online research and presences

The session is intended to be interactive, with presentations followed by a roundtable discussion. Each participant will give a short (7 minute) presentation centring on an element of her/his research that relates to the theme of co-production, after which there will be a discussion of the ideas and issues raised involving speakers and audience.

Please email prospective contributions (title and a 100 word summary of key issue to be covered, along with your name, affiliation and contact details) to the session organiser Richard Scriven (r.scriven@umail.ucc.ie). The deadline for submissions is Friday 14th February 2014.