Student contributors wanted for a textbook on global health

Dear students,We are a team of students and academics from all over the country putting together a textbook on global health aimed at students. Our aim is to draw together as wide a range of disciplines, academics, researchers, students and teachers to produce an exceptionally high quality book that is wholly student accessible, thorough in its scope, insightful and analytical in its approach, and multidisciplinary and holistic in nature. Our objective is widening accessibility to public and global health so we are striving to make this an open access resource for all students. Our book is divided into three sections. In the first we explore the core concepts and fundamentals of global health, such as the social determinants of health, international economics and development, globalization, governance and human rights. In the second we look at global burdens of disease and explore and explain their root causes across social, political, economic and ecological strata. In the third we explore vulnerable populations from the perspective of public health, law and public policy. We are looking for bright students from all disciplines to contribute as authors. Each chapter will be co-authored by two top academics – your role as a student will be primarily research and writing. Our team is multidisciplinary and also interconnected so you’ll have the opportunity to shadow other chapters, and get input from different authors on your own. We hope it will be a worthwhile experience beyond simply writing a chapter. If you are interested in being an author, or interested to see what other role you could play, we want to hear from you. Please send us a CV and a covering email with your interests and experiences and also a sample of your work. We’ll then be able to meet you for an informal interview. Please send this to one of our editors, Katarina, at We look forward to hearing from you as soon as possible.Our very best, Mustafa & Katarina
Mustafa Abbas