Royal Geographical Society (with IBG) Grants Programme

The Society offers a broad range of grants for postgraduates, early career and more established researchers (full list at: A number of deadlines are coming up in January and February – please draw these to the attention of anyone you think might be interested/eligible.

Grants for postgraduates (some are also available to undergraduates)

Frederick Soddy Award: The Frederick Soddy Postgraduate Award provides up to £6,000 to support a PhD student/group of PhD students carrying out fieldwork/research on ‘the study of the social, economic, and cultural life of a region’ – anywhere in the world. Deadline: 18 January 2016. More details:

 Henrietta Hutton Research Grant: Two grants of £500 offered annually to undergraduate or postgraduate students undertaking overseas field research as an individual or part of a team. The field research must last longer than four weeks, but does not have to be related to the student’s academic studies. Deadline: 18 January 2016. More details:

Monica Cole Research Grant: The Monica Cole Research Grant offers £1,000 each year to a physical geography undergraduate or postgraduate student undertaking original fieldwork overseas. Deadline: 18 January 2016. More details:

Geographical Fieldwork Grants: Every year, the Geographical Fieldwork Grants scheme offers more than 20 grants of £3,000 to small research teams making a significant contribution to geographical knowledge. Deadline: 31 January 2016. More details:

Dudley Stamp Memorial Award: The Dudley Stamp Memorial Award offers a number of small grants (up to £500) for PhD students or postdoctoral researchers in the early stages of their careers to assist them in research or study travel. Preference will be given to research that leads to the advancement of geography and to international co-operation in the study of the subject. Deadline: 22 February 2016. More

 Slawson Awards: Three to four awards annually, of up to £3,000 each, for PhD students intending to carry out geographical field research on development issues with a high social and economic value. Deadline: 22 February 2016. More details: