RGS-IBG Postgraduate research awards – deadlines in January and February 2012

Grants of between £500 and £6,000 for research and fieldwork carried out by PhD researchers undertaking academic dissertations. The project should aim to develop geographical knowledge and understanding.
The next deadline is 20 January for the Henrietta Hutton and Monica Cole Research Grants, followed by 24 February for the Slawson Awards, Frederick Soddy Award and the Dudley Stamp Memorial Awards.

Henrietta Hutton and Monica Cole Research Grants: Grants of £500-£1000 for physical geography postgraduates undertaking original overseas fieldwork.Deadline: 20 January 2012. W: www.rgs.org/hh, www.rgs.org/mc
Slawson Awards: Awards of up to £3,000 for geographical field research on issues related to development.Deadline: 24 February 2011. W: www.rgs.org/slaw
Frederick Soddy Award: Awards of up £6,000 for fieldwork/research on ‘the study of the social, economic, and cultural life of a region’.Deadline: 24 February 2011. W: www.rgs.org/fsa
Dudley Stamp Memorial Awards: Grants of up to £500 for research or study travel. Deadline: 24 February 2011. W: www.rgs.org/dsma