RGS-IBG Annual Conference Postgraduate Forum Sponsored Sessions

We’re sponsoring 7 sessions at this years RGS-IBG Annual Conference in Exeter. Feel free to contact the sessions conveners if you need more information…..they’re a nice bunch! 🙂


Session 1

Current and emerging research in transport

Sponsor(s) – TGRG, PGF

Call for Papers: http://bit.ly/1Cqxqex

Convener(s): Joanna Elvy (gy06jde@leeds.ac.uk) Claire Woroniuk (clare.woroniuk@newcastle.ac.uk)

Deadline: 30/01/15

Session 2

Postgraduate research in Energy Geographies

Sponsor(s) – EGWG, PGF

Call for Papers: http://bit.ly/1zbhLRc

Convener(s): Llinos Brown (LBrown5@uclan.ac.uk) Erin Roberts (RobertsEM4@cardiff.ac.uk)

Deadline 06/01/15

Session 3

The Contemporary Growth of Regional Identity in Europe

Sponsor(s) – PGF

Call for Papers: http://bit.ly/1EJjdJj

Convener(s): Ben Gilby (ben.gilby.2014@live.rhul.ac.uk) Robert Sheargold (robert.sheargold.2014@live.rhul.ac.uk)

Deadline: 11/02/15

Session 4

Getting My Research Funded: A Workshop for Population Geographers

Sponsor(s) – PopGRG, PGF

Call for Papers: http://bit.ly/1JqewXz

Convener(s): Nik Lomax (n.m.lomax@leeds.ac.uk) Keith Halfacree (k.h.halfacree@swansea.ac.uk) Nigel De Noronha (nigel.denoronha@postgrad.manchester.ac.uk)

Deadline: 11/02/15

Session 5

Innovative Methodologies in Postgraduate Research

Sponsor(s) – PGF

Call for Papers: http://bit.ly/1Bam0HZ

Convener(s): William Andrews (wwa9@aber.ac.uk) Greg Philip Thomas (ggt9@aber.ac.uk)

Deadline: 13/02/15

 Session 6

Teaching as a postgraduate: challenges, adaptations and best practices

Sponsor(s) – PGF, HERG

Call for Papers: http://bit.ly/1CqsVka

Convener(s): William Andrews (wwa9@aber.ac.uk) Greg Philip Thomas (ggt9@aber.ac.uk) Jennifer Hill (Jennifer.Hill@uwe.ac.uk)

Deadline: 13/02/15

 Session 7

Provocations and Possibilities ‘in’ and ‘of’ the Anthropocene: Postgraduate Snapshots

Sponsor(s) – SCGRG, HERG, PGF

Call for Papers: http://bit.ly/1zKw66Y

Convener(s): Katie Ledingham (kal210@exeter.ac.uk) Suzanne Hocknell (sh422@exeter.ac.uk) Emma Spence (spenceee@cardiff.ac.uk)

Deadline: 13/02/15