RGS-IBG Annual Conference: Creative Evaluation

During the conference you are invited to share ideas, pix, comments, links, documents and messages on the createvaluate blog – researcher Sue Challis and Quaco Cloutterbuck will be trying creative and visual research techniques throughout the week – and we’ll share any interesting data with the RGS-IBG. We’ve designed two special online surveys for Postgrads – the first on the Tuesday page of the blog – we’ll feed the results back to you ! Come and say hello in the RGS Foyer during the conference. We’re also running a couple of workshops: Wednesday Session 2 Sunley Room RGS-IBG Hands on creative research workshop – with artist & researcher Sue Challis Friday Session 2 Nightingale Room RGS-IBG Critique of creative methods + ‘how to’ online blog with social justice researcher Quaco Clouterbuck