RGS-IBG 2019 Mid-Term Conference Schedule


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Conference Schedule


Location: Manchester School of Art, Benzie Building, 4thfloor

5pm – 6pm Registration and wine reception
6pm – 6.15pm


6.15pm – 7.15pm

Welcome addressesJane Boygle

Keynote lecture

Kim Peters, University of Liverpool

“Eclectic Geographies: Career courses and concerns about consistency”

Twitter: @DrKimPeters

7.15pm onwards Optional get together, The Gasworks?



Location: Birley Campus, Brooks Building

8.30am – 9am Registration (for those not already registered)Brooks Atrium
9am – 9.30am Opening address, Sarah Evans from the RGS
Room G44 (Lecture Theatre 4)
9.30am – 10.30am Keynote lecture Becky Alexis-Martin, Manchester Metropolitan University (and friends!)

‘RGS: Respect Academic Solidarity’

Twitter: @MysteriousDrBex

Room G44 (Lecture Theatre 4)

10.30am – 11am RefreshmentsBrooks Atrium
11am – 12.30pm Paper session 1
Paper session 1A: Class and gender mobilitiesChair: Nina Willment Room2.16
“Understanding the travel needs of single mothers’ incorporation the intersection of class: A thematic review of the literature”Jacquie Bridgman


“Paving the path for gender-inclusive transport planning: A review of gender-related mobility issues and their impact on women in Karachi, Pakistan.”Sana Iqbal


“Hemmed in by the New Developments”Mary Broe


“The contribution of alternative food initiatives to community empowerment in conditions of austerity”Oliver McDowell


Paper session 1B: Development geographiesChair: Becky Alexis-Martin RoomG44
“Questioning the Role of the Return Migrant as a ‘Development Agent’ Via the Geographies of Nigerian Commonwealth Scholars”Chidinma Okorie “‘Curating the future of Palestine’: spatial practices of movement and performance in the context of Qalandiya International”Silvia Hassouna


“Deep-Mapping Movements of Memory and Meaning in Post-Genocide Rwanda”Gisele O’Connell


“The theory is always beautiful’: the realities of labouring to offset extractivism in Colombia”Guy Crawford


Paper session 1C: Innovative research methodsChair: James Robinson Room2.18
“Exploring the materialities of yellow-sticker food in consumer shopping, cooking and storage practices”Sarah Kelsey


“Creating digital narrative artworks: an expanding geographical field”Jack Lowe


“The Geographies of Sleep: Corporatisation, Codification and Dreams of Subversion”Megan Harvey


12.30pm – 1.30pm LUNCH, Brooks Atrium
12.45pm – 1.30pm Postgraduate Forum Annual General MeetingRoom G44 (Lecture Theatre 4)
1.30pm – 2.30pm Workshops A
A Bag of Lego for your VivaChrissi Nerantzi


“She is something of a publication machine”: Advice on publishing from an accidental academic Catherine Wilkinson


Improvement of city infrastructure with sustainable urban management: a complexity workshop on city water systemsLiz Varga
Room G16 Room G44 (Lecture Theatre 4) Room 2.16
2.30pm – 3.30pm Workshops B
Virtual Reality and GeographyPhil Jones Walking as research methodMorag Rose Six Times Higher… Mental health and postgraduatesMaddy Thompson Teaching [title tbc]James Robinson
Room 2.15 Meet in Brooks Atrium Room 2.16 Room 2.18
3.30pm – 3.45pm Refreshments Brooks Atrium
3.45pm – 4.45pm Paper session 2
Paper session 2A: Health and WellbeingChair: Maddy Thompson Room2.10
“Wellbeing of British Asian Women and austerity politics”Gabrielle Sale


“Care Farming and Community Gardening: Improving the health of older people through green infrastructure”Louise Mitchell “Feeling vulnerable: therapeutic encounters with mindfulness”Chloe Asker


Paper session 2B: Geographies of EducationChair: Catherine Wilkinson Room2.16
“Exploring the Experiences of Pupils with Special Educational Needs and Disabilities and/or English as an Additional Language within a Mainstream Secondary School”Ellen Bishop “’The most significant thing about my dad’s was the lack of things’: Exploring the Materialities of Children and Young People’s Homemaking in Post-Separation Families”Amy Walker


The Zemiology of Student Housing in DublinAlice Reynolds
Paper session 2C: Migration and labour dynamicsChair: Rong Huang Room2.18
“Geographical variations in ethnic group residents’ labour market”Sarah Garlick


“The impact of labour mobility on inter-regional earnings inequality”Carolin Ioramashvili


“The global city/The refugee City: True practices of urbanism”Monisha Peter


6pm RGS Research group drinks receptions at GRUB
7pm onwards Conference meal – GRUB



Location: Birley Campus, Brooks Building

9.30am – 10am RefreshmentsBrooks Atrium
10am – 11.30am Paper session 3
Paper session 3A: Environmental governance and managementChair: Fraser Baker Room2.15
“An Ocean of Assets – Impact Investing in Fisheries Finance”Jens Christiansen “Water Risks and Security in Global Production Networks: Examining the Influence of the Commercial Fruit Industry on Water Governance in South Africa’s Western Cape”Nora Lanari


“Governing the ‘backyard’: Indonesia’s Coastal Afforestation”Syarifah Dalimunthe


“Engaging the public with landscapes and greenspaces: A mixed-methods mapping approach”Caitlin Hafferty


Paper session 3B: Engagement in the cityChair: Louise Platt Room2.16
“Digital portals for community engagement in urban planning”Ian Babelon


“Cultural, Urban, Digital Geographies”Adam Packer


“Community light festivals”Gail Skelly


“A cultural industries approach to nightlife: what kind of urban night does electronic dance music produce?”Timo Koren
Paper session 3C: Culture of home and personal spaceChair: Hannah Neate Room2.18
“Homemaking – between subjectivity and spatiality”Sigal Almogi “People & Place in Contentious Space: Housing as socio-spatial praxis in the West Bank”Annie Evans “The fleshiness of belonging: an exploration of the body as a site of analysis”Si Teow


“From Japan to Afghanistan: International influences on the British counterculture movement in Wales, and their implications”Flossie Kingsbury
11.30am – 12.10pm Poster sessionBrooks Atrium
12.10pm – 1.10pm LUNCHBrooks Atrium
1.10pm – 2.40pm Paper session 4
Paper session 4A: Environmental processes and impactsChair: Matt Carney Room2.15
“Exploring the role of human and non-human assemblages at nature-based interventions on long-term wellbeing”Andy Harrod


“Energised Welsh Communities: Exploring the development and social impacts of community energy in Wales”Sioned Williams


“Carbon release during 21st century glacier recession: A positive feedback in the global carbon cycle?”Saule Akhmetkaliyeva


“Scales of soil moisture variability on an active landslide”Clare Bliss


Paper session 4B: Digital cultural identitiesChair: Rachel Katz Room2.16
“Transnational Identities and Support Networks: Exploring the Digital Practices of Ghanaians in Leicester”Dominic Obeng “The feminist digital geographies of menstruapps”Laura Shipp


“Student ‘Lad Culture’ in Online and Offline UK Higher Education Spaces”Alex Kendrick


“Art, embodiment and new technologies in the Irish abortion referendum”Lorna O’Hara


Paper session 4C: Performing place identitiesChair: Gail Skelly Room2.18
“Staging a ‘Brexit City’: Investigating Hull theatre audience’s responses to Us Against Whatever (2019)”Michael Howcroft “Rethinking Seaside Amusement Arcades through Sensation and Affect”Martha Lineham


“In the Shadows of the City: The Role of Culture in the Production and Consumption of Suburbia”George Chatzinakos “Talking the Talk and Walking the Walk: Building ‘Safe’ Communities through ‘Professional’ Performativity Online and Offline”Claire Forster
2.40pm – 3.10pm RefreshmentsBrooks Atrium
3.10pm – 4.10pm Paper session 5
Paper session 5A: Rural resilience and changeChair: Harry Marshall Room2.15
“Socio-Economic Dimention of wasteland and degraded land in Indian context”Surajit Kar “A flowing conversation? Methodological issues in interviewing farmers about rivers and riparian environments”Emma Thomas “The hybrid (rural) geography of metropolitan regions: farming systems and the diversified countryside in Greater Rio de Janeiro, Brazil”Felipe de Silva Machado
Paper session 5B: Urban PlanningChair: Steve Millington Room2.16
“Youth-led non- and cross-sectarian urban planning in contested Lebanese cities: Why young people matter in researching contested spaces”Hannah Sender “Retail planning practices in China”Rong Huang


“New road wanted (but not in my backyard)!”Maruša Goluža


Paper session 5C: Activism and protestChair: Morag Rose Room2.18
“Narrating the Wendland Movement: Conceptual Openings”Viktoria Noka “Building a theoretical framework to address migrant solidarities in the city”Ana Guerrero “Youth activism in an age of austerity’Elizabeth Ackerley


4.10pm – 4.30pm Poster Award and farewell