Resources for postgraduates

Publishing and communicating

RGS-IBG Guides for Researchers

Use this link for advice on publishing and getting read, communicating geographical research beyond the academy, and guides for researchers concerning open access publications.

Professional development

Vitae Researcher Development Framework

The skillset used by most universities.

Higher Education Academy Fellowships

Information for those engaging with teaching higher education.

Teaching and learning in geography

RGS-IBG Learning, teaching and research in higher education

Resources and support for teaching and learning in higher education from the RGS-IBG

Open Educational Resources in HE geography –

A list of links relating to HE from the RGS-IBG


The national repository for Open Educational Resources

Use the keyword “GEESOER”

To find geography teaching resources

The GEES Network:

A LinkedIn discussion group for those on teaching-focused contracts.

International Network for Learning and Teaching in Geography
Journal of Geography in Higher Education

An online journal for teaching and learning practitioners in the GEES disciplines

Higher Education Academy Subject Centre for GEES

This was changed (Dec 2011) to centralised subject support for STEM disciplines, including geography at the Higher Education Academy

Mailing Lists


A list of human & physical geography related mailing lists

Networking and blog opportunities

PhD’s at Work

A social network which provides an online space for connecting with other PhD candidates to discuss and develop ideas & to read advice and experiences of others. In particular their ‘One year Later’ series presents an inspiring take on other people’s development over one year of their PhD or post-PhD life.

RGS-IBG Research Groups

The RGS-IBG website is a very useful source, in particular a list of links to the various Research Groups

Wiley’s Exchanges Blog

A place for discussion, research and ideas designed to help all academics, includes useful articles for postgraduates students across all disciplines. Said articles are written in accessible and often relatable ways by other PhD students.

From PhD to Life

‘From PhD to Life’ by Jennifer Polk, academic, career and life coach. This is a blog designed to support postgraduate students throughout and beyond the PhD. Her blog includes a comprehensive list of resources for PhD’s which include podcasts, downloadable resources and further useful weblinks.

The Grad Student Way

An informal, realist and often tongue in cheek look at the realities of being a PhD student in any discipline.

Viva Voce Podcasts

4 minute podcasts by researchers from across the humanities produced for non-specialist audiences with links to publications and contact details. A great way to hear new ideas and as a platform to disseminate your own.