Mid-Term Conference Blogs

Welcome to our new ‘pop-up’ page that’s not a pop-up!

As we all know, us postgrads don’t have the opportunity to do enough writing (!!), so we’ve put together this temporary page to feature some blogs from and about the recent and very wonderful Mid-Term Conference. To document the unforgettable conference, we’ve collected four pieces of writing:

To start off with we’re sharing one from the Geographies of Health and Wellbeing Research Group. Following on is a piece from Janu Muhammad, an MSc student at the University of Birmingham. Then we have Participatory Geographies Research Group‘s contribution, and the Social and Cultural Geography representative Jamie Halliwell (Manchester Metropolitan) updating you on his undertakings. Rich Gorman (Cardiff University)  offers his thoughts on the Rural Geographies session. Thanks for letting us re-post it :-). Finally, after having reflected until July, Federico Bellentani  from Cardiff University reflects on his experience.

This being a blog, his piece now comes first on the page!

RGS Postgraduate Midterm Conference: a multidisciplinary, international and interesting event!

Federico Bellentani – PhD candidate, Cardiff University

A couple of months later, I can see the real potential of my attendance at the RGS Postgraduate Conference, organised at Cardiff University in April 2017. I see now that the contact with new colleagues and friends I met during the Conference is becoming more and more fruitful. Beside research purposes, a conference should serve this need: to create a network of new friends that can advise on research and an academic career.

The RGS Postgraduate Conference represented a very good opportunity for me – in the final stage of my Ph.D. – to come up with new perspectives for future research. I thank the SCGRG for sponsoring my bursary to attend this multidisciplinary and international event! 

Rural Geography at the RGS-IBG Postgraduate Midterm Conference, Cardiff University

The 2017 RGS-IBG Midterm Conference was hosted by Cardiff University’s School of Geography and Planning, in the stunning Glamorgan building, a feature which graced the front-cover of the programme in a beautiful illustration by a member of the organising committee. The programme itself was packed full of interesting talks and sessions that highlighted the diverse range of themes which early career researchers within geography are currently tackling. 

A reflexive account from the Social and Cultural Geography Research Group

It’s been a month since the RGS-IBG held its mid-term postgraduate forum which was held between 19th and 21st April. The honour of hosting the event went to Cardiff University and attracted over 100 international postgraduates and early career researchers. For me, this was my first RGS related event which gave me many opportunities to network with other postgraduates, researchers and academics in a relaxed and more intimate atmosphere. I thank the SCGRG for sponsoring my bursary to attend this excellent event.


Participatory Geographies at the PGF-Mid-Term Conference

The RGS-IBG Postgraduate Forum Mid-Term Conference took place on the 19th-21st April 2017 hosted by the School of Geography and Planning at Cardiff University. The Conference brought together PhD students from different universities in the UK and abroad in a friendly and supportive environment that allowed the exchange of research projects in a vibrant way. Networking and liaison with researchers working in related-topics was one of the main highlights of the event. Geography never disappoints you in the variety of topics included as object of analysis!

PGF Mid-Term Conference 2017: Never too Young to Speak

 “No need to explain your current degree status, as long as you have a willingness to present your idea, just do it!” (Fiona Nash)

Presenting research at an international conference has been one of my dreams when studying abroad. I believe that it will give me not only an academic experience but also a new network.  To achieve this goal, I started my pathway by becoming a Young Geographer at the Royal Geographical Society (with Institute of British Geographers). I was amazed at this society because of its strategic role in developing passionate young scholars like me by providing a lot of conference and research opportunities. Through it  I also found information about the Postgraduate Forum Mid-Term Conference 2017 at Cardiff University. After reading all the information on the website, I decided to submit my abstract and my bursary application.

GHWRG at the PGF Mid-term Conference, Cardiff.

Our postgraduate representatives for the GHWRG, Gareth Griffith (University of Bristol) and Cornelia Van Diepen (University of Portsmouth) attended the RGS Postgraduate Mid-Term Conference in Cardiff. They had this to say about the event:

The RGS Mid-Term was great. It was an excellent coming together of a great number of enthusiastic and friendly early-career researchers eager to connect with each other and find out about each others’ work. The atmosphere of the conference is especially good for those new to post-graduate academia, being populated mostly by PhD and Masters students presenting findings from their projects. It didn’t necessitate findings to be of use, however, several fascinating and hugely beneficial presentations put forward the initial plans and ideas of the project that the student was yet to embark upon. This allowed them to receive relevant advice, ideas and contact info for interested peers.