Abstract Guidance

We invite postgraduate researchers from all areas of geography, however broadly defined or conceived, and at any stage of their research, to submit an abstract to present a paper or poster at the conference.

Please send an abstract of no more than 250 words. We recommend your abstract to present one aspect of your research, for example, it could be based on your literature review, a background to your research and methods or it could be about part of your research findings if you have some empirical data – perhaps a theme you have been working on. We advise against abstracts that outline your whole thesis because your presentation will be for 15 minutes, followed by 5 minutes of questions, so having one overarching concise argument would be preferred. Please include a title for your paper. You will need to state how and why it will fit into a relevant session or research topic, for example, transport geography or economic geography. We expect as a postgraduate student your research is changing and developing and that your abstract may end up a little different to what you present, this is ok.

For more advice, check out the Top Ten Tips …for Writing a Conference Abstract.

Please send your abstract to rgsmidterm2017@cardiff.ac.uk using the subject heading ‘2017 RGS Postgraduate Mid-Term Conference’. Please include your full name and university along with four keywords, and your intention to present a poster or paper by no later than Friday 10th March 2017.