Organising Committee

The conference is being organised by five postgraduate geographers from Newcastle University.

Wilbert Den Hoed

bio_WdHWilbert is a second year PhD student in Newcastle University’s Geography department, and is funded by the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences. His PhD is attached to the MyPlace project, a three-year EPSRC funded interdisciplinary research project at Open Lab, Newcastle, that works around the Newcastle age-friendly city initiative. As a geographer, he adds a spatial reference to this project by studying everyday cycling mobility among different ages in suburban environments of Newcastle upon Tyne and Rotterdam in the Netherlands. He has a broader research interest in mobility studies, urban (tourism) geography and mobile technologies. In his free time, Wilbert enjoys sports and travelling.

Sonja Felder

SonjaSonja is a PhD student and the Physical Geography part of the conference organising team at Newcastle University. Before coming to Newcastle, Sonja studied for an MSc in Geosciences at the University of Bremen (Germany). After completing her academic studies, Sonja moved to the UK and spent a couple of years working in a number of jobs, including geotechnical, environmental and petroleum consultancies. Now Sonja has just commenced the second year of her PhD, studying the climate of the past using marine sediments. For this she is using a range of chemical analyses and also picks tiny micro-fossils from the sediment samples. Besides her PhD Sonja is a board member and director of Stepney Bank Stables, a charity for children from disadvantaged backgrounds, and loves being out and about with friends, making preserves using the vegetables from her allotment, and watching The Great British Bake Off.

Graham Gaunt

GrahamGraham Gaunt is currently working on his PhD at Newcastle University, which is funded by the ESRC in the United Kingdom. His research interests include apprenticeships, youth transitions, ‘post-industrial’ communities and masculinities, as well as gender and culture. In addition to his own research, Graham also works as a research assistant on a large national project that explores community participation, funded by the Arts and Humanities Research Council, based at the University of Leicester.


Matthew Scott

Pic for PGF ForumMatthew is a PhD student in the Geography Department at Newcastle University sponsored by the ESRC. He is a political and historical geographer with broad interests in the historical geographies and geopolitics of the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. His PhD research is focusing on the technogeopolitics of transcontinental railways, focusing on the German/Ottoman Berlin-Baghdad Railway and the British Cape-Cairo Railway scheme and examining how understandings of what these railways were and what they could do shaped, and were shaped by, geopolitical visions of space, empire, and technology. Matthew is also a member of the Historical Geography Research Group and passes spare time by baking cookies and reading science fiction novels. He is on Twitter @necroevolution.

Maddy Thompson

11012574_10154069587045260_1335711890124324618_nMaddy is a PhD student in the Geography Department at Newcastle University. Her research is funded by the ESRC and uncovers the geographical imaginations of Filipino nursing students and graduates. This project explores how geographical imaginations can be understood as a determinant of migratory aspirations, and she is interviewing both aspiring migrants and aspiring stayers. Maddy also has a concern with the gender discourses surrounding Filipino nurses and Filipino nurse migrants. More broadly, she is interested in postcolonial and feminist geographies, social and cultural geography, and interdisciplinary migration research. Her interests include travel, music and rugby league. Maddy is on Twitter @MaddyCThompson.

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