Future Connections 2012
7th and 8th June, St Andrews.

The end of the world as we know it?

A conference for PhD students at Scottish universities in the field of Sustainable Development.Moving forward with postgraduate research in sustainable development
The conference aims to bring together PhD candidates from across Scotland and from a variety of disciplines to discuss integration, methods and solutions for research in Sustainable Development.

Registration and research profile submission now open.

Deadline for submission: 2nd April 2012

The 2 day workshop will be strongly interactive, with the emphasis on sharing experiences of working in an interdisciplinary context. The contributions from participants will be used to shape the programme of the workshop and the content of a resulting publication.
All participants will be given the chance to contribute through verbal presentations of their work (places limited) and/or written case-studies contributing to a published manual of integration in interdisciplinary research.
A poster session is available for doctoral students who are in the earlier stages of their research. This inaugural conference aims to create a dynamic network of sustainability researchers across Scotland, providing a space for knowledge exchange and research collaboration.

The workshop will take two main approaches:

  1. Learning from experience
    These sessions will identify best practice by drawing on experience of participants who have undertaken interdisciplinary projects; sessions will consist of selected talks submitted by participants.
  2. Finding solutions to problems of integration: the ‘Interdisciplinary Research Clinic’
    These sessions will provide a forum for participants to offer ‘problems’ within their projects which then get considered by peer groups to collaboratively find solutions

Conference fee

The cost of attending the conference is £30 for those requiring accommodation in St Andrews. It includes refreshments, a dinner, wine and accommodation on the 7th June and breakfast, refreshments and lunch on the 8th June. For those not requiring bed and breakfast there is a reduced rate of £20.


The form below serves as registration for attendance at the workshop and submission of an ‘abstract’ detailing your research for either a poster or a paper.  You will also be asked to answer some questions about your research to help us organise the programme and structure of the output publication. Please do take the time to fill this out, but be assured your data will be handled in line with the University of St Andrews data protection policy.  Even if you do not wish to present a paper, we ask that you consider a poster – please indicate your choice (paper/poster/neither) on the registration form.

Please register for the conference and submit your research profile and abstracts using the following link:http://tiny.cc/8r3r4 – Registration and research profile submission form
The conference organisers will contact you to confirm your registration has been received and to advise you with regards to payment.

If you have any enquiries please do not hesitate to contact the conference organisers at fc2012@st-andrews.ac.uk