Edinburgh 2012: New and Emerging Themes in Postgraduate Geography

RGS-IBG Annual Conference, Edinburgh. 3-5th July, 2012.Call for papers: Postgraduates and Early Career Researchers ‘Challenges & Connections’ Session sponsored by the Postgraduate ForumNew and Emerging Themes in Postgraduate Geography
New to this year’s Annual Conference and in order to encourage an open and supportive research community at the conference, the postgraduate forum are proposing to run a “Challenges & Connections” session incorporating new and emerging themes within postgraduate geography. This type of session allows many postgraduates and early career researchers to come together in an innovative and exciting forum to discuss their research interests and to find others with similar interests, ideas and experience they can draw on.
How the session will run
Participants will initially be given the opportunity to raise a question or outline a challenge they are facing, via a post-it note board. Issues can be anything from a methodological issue to questions relating to theory or the PhD process. This will provide the basis for group discussion in the second part of the session. The convenor will open as many questions as possible to the floor to gain feedback and insight from the group as a whole.
Participants will then break into small groups with common research interests for an opportunity to introduce research and to raise any practical and methodological concerns. These groups will be pre-determined based on abstracts submitted. Please base your abstracts around a set of particular themes you would like to discuss in relation to your research so that common themes and crossovers can be identified with other participants.
It is hoped that this session will provide a space for research connectionsto be made between participants as well as reflexive thought and a broaderdiscussion of some of the challenges and connections within the postgraduate research community. It presents the opportunity to engage with and learn from the experience and interests of others in the community in a relaxed and supportive environment. Brief details about participants’ research interests and a contact email address will also be provided during this session to enable easy follow-up.
Please send a title and short outline of research interests and any theoretical, methodological and writing-up challenges you wish to raise (c200 words) by Tuesday 31st January 2012 to the session organisers, Keri Jenner (kaj204@exeter.ac.uk) and Sophie Yarker (s.k.yarker@newcastle.ac.uk)