Contemporary and Future Debates for Postgraduate Population Geography

Population geography as a sub-discipline has much contemporary significance with discussion about global flows of people at the forefront of academic, media and policy debates. Postgraduate research plays a key role in advancing theoretical, conceptual and empirical knowledge of population geographies. Against this background, the aim of this session is to provide postgraduate population geographers the opportunity to present their research in a friendly and supportive environment at a major international conference. Rather than being a traditional paper and questions format, this session is seeking papers that will be just 10minutes long. Then, following the presentations the remainder of this session will be a roundtable discussion on current and future issues for population geography. This will be facilitated by both an established and well-known population geographer alongside an early career population geographer in order to provide insights from individuals at different stages of their careers.

This session welcomes papers on all aspects of postgraduate population geography. These papers may be theoretical, conceptual or empirical in nature and we welcome papers from postgraduates at all stages of their PhD research.

Abstract submission:

Please send any queries or abstracts (max. 200 words) and contact details to Dr Catherine Waite ( no later than Friday 12th February 2016.