2014: London

RGS (with IBG) Annual International Conference 2014

by Greg Philip Thomas Department of Geography and Earth Sciences, Aberystwyth University.Untitled

The RGS (with IBG) Annual International Conference is one of the highlights of the year for geographers all around the world and the 2014 conference was no different. Held in London on the 26th to 29th August 2014 with a theme of ‘Geographies of Co-Production’, which drew upon the how we as geographers work with other communities to create new geographical knowledge and understandings.

In addition to the PGF-ACTS, the Postgraduate Forum hosted six sessions over the conference period comprising of one panel session, a poster session, two paper sessions, an interactive podcasting session as well as holding their annual summer meeting.

Session 1: Co-production and postgraduate research: Poster Session

Session 2: Co-production and postgraduate research: Presentation and discussion session

Session 3: Postgraduate snapshots: Engagement in social and cultural geography [co-sponsored with Social Cultural Geographies Research Group

Session 4: Student and Supervisors: Debating the nature of doctoral supervision [co-sponsored with Higher Education Research Group

Session 5: Podcasting your research – Viva Voce

Poster Session

The postgraduate paper sessions provided an informal and interactive platform for postgraduates to present research, and to discuss new and innovative methodologies. Unlike the other more specialised sessions the postgraduate paper sessions comprised of a number of short papers followed by a larger group discussion of the themes and commonalities of the presented work. These group discussions were found to be highly valuable, both to the session presenters and the audience members.


Anne Toomey poster Painting Poster Beth Brocket Poster Viva Voice poster Llinos Brown Poster


Viva Voce – Podcasting your research

In the final postgraduate forum sponsored session of the conference, Viva voice presentationaudience members were invited to set up a short podcast about their research and
experience, allowing them to get their research ‘out there’ in an engaging format.
Following a short introduction to the Viva Voce website participants were then invited to create their own podcasts in a fun and participatory way.



As a postgraduate student, attending the sessions organised by the Postgrad Forum was a great introduction to the RGS (with IBG) Conference, these sessions were fun, participatory and highly valuable to both the presenters and the conference. I would highly recommend participating in any of the postgraduate sessions at the next conference; they are a great way to introduce your research to the wider geographical community.

Even if you are not a postgraduate student, pop into one of the sessions, you may be surprised!