RGS 09 PGF Conference Drinks

The RGS 2009 PGF conference drinks were a roaring success. For a second year running the drinks attracted even more postgraduates than the year before, with roughly 80 geographers in attendance.

The venue, Odder bar, provided a great back drop for the event, with its quirky décor and extremely friendly staff. The atmosphere was vibrant, the chat was stimulating and the drinkers looked animated. I had many interesting conversations and was again surprised by the diversity of PhD topics which are brought together through the PGF.

The drinks started at 6 and were scheduled to last for 3 hours, but many geographers were still deep in conversation and going strong when I left at 10.30 pm. This, I think, is a sign of success – given the mantra of the PGF ‘connecting postgraduates in geography’.

I hope to see you all at the PGF Mid Term Conference which is being held next year in Aberystwyth.