PGF-ACTS 2012: Edinburgh

PGF Annual Conference Training Symposium (PGF-ACTS)







The PGF Annual Conference Training Symposium took place in Edinburgh the day before the RGS-IBG Annual Conference. This half day workshop provided an opportunity to learn useful skills and network with postgraduate students from around the country.

Summaries of the workshop sessions on ‘How to Publish’ and ‘Academic Careers’ are provided in the posts below, and there were also sessions on ‘Feeling Confident about your Phd’ (including a mock viva DVD), and ‘What I Wish I Knew’

We’re always looking for ideas of what to cover in out annual training session, so if you have any thoughts on what to cover, or feedback from this year, please use the interactive forum on this website!

PGF-ACTS 2012: Careers in Academia

The session covered the importance of building up your portfolio in terms of teaching experience, research and generally getting involved in professional organisations and in the research culture of your own departments and universities. Also noted was the importance of a good covering letter with your CV, key elements of which include: how you fit the job specification, your publication strategy, your teaching philosophy and your awareness of the department for which you are applying.

The interview process was also discussed and top tips included: make sure you know the logistics of the interview (ie where you are going and at what time), do not go over allotted time if asked to do a presentation and ask questions that demonstrate ambition.

For more details see the slides available here. Thanks to the presenters for an informative and engaging session and to all the participants for their involvement. We hope you found it useful and enjoyable!