Careers in UK HE Geography Survey: choices, status and experience

This survey, funded by a RGS-IBG Research Group grant, is being undertaken by the Women and Geography Study Group, and aims to update previous surveys (McDowell 1979, McDowell and Peake 1990) on women’s study and employment status within UK Geography.
This survey extends previous studies in two important ways:

It includes men as well as women;
It collects qualitative as well as quantitative data.

Combined with HESA data this survey will provide significant insight to the experience of postgraduate study, academic and non-academic career pathways and promotion. The intention is to publish summary findings in geography journals and to report to the wider geographical community.
It is important to maximise participation so please complete the survey yourself and forward this email to all members of your department, research groups and networks, including those postgraduates who have followed careers outside of HE.
Please complete the survey by 31st January 2011.
To complete the survey follow the survey link: